VIDEOS: Tips to Style, Clean, Wash & Pack Sunhats

We have launched our Emthunzini Hats YouTube channel with helpful videos on how to style, clean, wash and pack your UPF50+ sunhats.

Our fashionable range of sunhats for men and women are available to purchase on our website Hats are Hats are mostly crushable and washable which means they are easy to care for and so great for traveling too. There is a label on each of our sunhats with the recommended cleaning instructions.

Visit Emthunzini Hats EU, Russia, Turkey and Middle East to view our helpful tips on shaping, packing and washing your sunhat. Subscribe to our channel to be notified by email when we upload a new video. Please add your comments if you found the videos helpful. We also encourage you to add requests for other tips that you would find helpful.

Video Tips to Style, Clean, Wash & Pack Sunhats

Washable Sun Hats

Spot Washable Sun Hats

Keep Your Hat in Shape

Travel Sun Hat Tips

Adjustable Sun Hat Tips

  • How to Adjust your Fashionable UPF50+ Hat.

For further help and questions on how to buy and care for your hat visit